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Our skilled, experienced team includes both health professionals

  • occupational therapists

  • physiotherapists 

  • psychologists

  • social workers

  • speech therapists

  • dieticians

  • nurses

  • counsellors

  • rehab coaches

and cultural experts; kairongoā, pouarahi and kaumatua.


ĀKI Rehab


ĀKI Innovations Ltd (ĀKI Rehab) is an approved ACC provider for `Training for Independence Services' (TI) throughout Northland, Auckland and the Waikato regions. The TI programme is designed to restore your independence and ability to participate in everyday life following a brain injury, sensitive claim or any other injury.

ĀKI Rehab works in a Kaupapa Māori way engaging with individuals and their whānau, drawing from frameworks such as Whare Tapa Whā. As Kaupapa Māori practitioners, ​you can expect a culturally responsive as we journey with you towards wellness.

ĀKI Rehab would love to support you on your hauora journey. Talk to your ACC Recovery Partner for a referral or make direct contact with ĀKI to see how we can help

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Traumatic Brain Injury | Sensitive Claims | Adults with Other Injuries

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